Customer Service to Casino Players

EBETAGENCY can take over support to your players. Our qualified customer support associates will communicate with your players via live chat and process any queries submitted through the contact form on your gaming website


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Support Team Duties

  • React to any questions or requests from your casino players
  • Perform KYC checks on the players who request withdrawals
  • Make payouts to players
  • Award bonuses and free spins to players, according to the casinos marketing strategy
  • Handle issues or bugs reported by players
  • Disable player accounts upon requests for self-exclusionn
  • Update information on players in the online casino’s CRM
  • Whenever possible, behave proactively: recommend new games to players and tell them about current promotions
customer service

Efficient and friendly customer service is indispensable in any online casino. It can be positioned as one of your casino’s advantages. All players like being paid attention to: they will always establish more trust to an online casino that listens to their needs and timely resolves their questions.

For a start, one dedicated customer support associate (available at any point in time) is enough. Depending on your traffic volume, we are able to grow the size of your dedicated support staff to better cater to your increased number of players.

Customer Support

Customer Support is best when bundled with Player Retention Services

How much profit a casino will make and how soon it will reach the break-even heavily depends on the number of players it is able to attract and retain. EBETAGENCY can provide comprehensive Player Retention and Anti-Fraud services to any casinos operating on our platform

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